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The Amiibo Dojo was first created in August 2015. Soon after opening, it quickly carved itself a unique niche as the only website specializing in Smash 4 amiibo training guides. Three years later, the Amiibo Dojo is finally back and better than ever with a brand-new set of training guides for Ultimate!

Fighter List (Super Smash Bros. 4)

MarioDonkey KongLinkSamusYoshiKirbyFoxPikachuLuigiNessCaptain FalconJigglypuffPeachBowserSheikZeldaDr. MarioFalcoMarthLucinaGanondorfMewtwoRoyMr. Game & WatchMeta KnightPitDark PitZero Suit SamusWarioIkeCharizardDiddy KongLucasSonicKing DededeOlimarLucarioR.O.B.Toon LinkVillagerMega ManWii Fit TrainerRosalina & LumaLittle MacGreninjaMii BrawlerMii SwordfighterMii GunnerPalutenaPac-ManRobinShulkBowser Jr.Duck HuntRyuCloudCorrinBayonetta

The Super Smash Bros. 4 training guide set was completed in 2017. Special thanks to FarmingSim, Arklaine, Supernova, DONkLE, and MegaVGmaster – all very credible trainers – for their astounding work and commitment!

Fighter List (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

MarioLinkKirbyPikachuNessBowser – Ice Climbers – PichuFalcoLucinaYoung LinkPokémon Trainer – LucasLittle MacMii GunnerCorrinInkling – King K. RoolPiranha Plant

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate includes over seventy characters (and counting), so we don’t have guides available for each one just yet. We’re working hard, though, and will complete the full set in the near future! Guides are written by Cloud, Leaf, MiDe, and Penguhr, with input from many other credible trainers.



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