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(Poll) Critical Hits & Explosive Perfect Shield: To Ban or Not to Ban?

Among the most controversial subjects in the amiibo metagame right now are the Critical-hit capability and Explosive perfect shield bonus effects. In fact, they’ve always been controversial. They’re by far and away the best amiibo bonus effects in the entire game, and tournament results reflect that – characters that come out on top almost always have them equipped. So then, there’s a question to be had, then. Should we keep these bonus effects? Or get rid of them entirely?

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Amiibo Dojo: April Remodel

Hey guys, it’s been a long time, but I think I’m finally ready to start doing some real work on this site again. Can you believe the Amiibo Dojo is the only training site left on the internet? Yeah, the community suffered from quite the activity drop, but now, it’s time for us to swoop in and restore amiibo training to its former glory. I’m planning on rebooting this entire site, and I’ll share some of my ideas with you right now.

Details of the Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo inside!

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Now Available: Luigi & Zelda Guides 2.0

It’s been four months. Four. Months. But now, the Amiibo Dojo finally, finally has some new content. This time around, we’ve got brand-new Luigi and Zelda amiibo training guides, courtesy of Arklaine, our resident expert on the two characters. These two guides were formerly horribly outdated, so a fresh coat of paint was much needed.

To take a look at the Luigi guide, click here. For Zelda, follow this link instead. Thanks for your patience! Soon enough, we’ll have another fresh batch of training guides ready to feast on, so until then!

The Amiibo Dojo is back in action

Hey guys, it’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately despite my inactivity. It’s obvious that there are still many of you out there who are interested in training amiibo, so I’ve decided that it’s time to get the ball rolling again. Without the Amiibo Dojo around, the metagame’s gone silent, with very few tournaments and active trainers remaining. Hopefully, when things start picking up again here, the competitive scene can start to reform itself.

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the changes you can expect to see on the site over the next few weeks. Even though the concept of amiibo is almost three years old, we’ve got a lot planned for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

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Now Available: Duck Hunt Guide 2.0

Hey guys, it’s been quite a while, hasn’t it? In fact, it’s been a little under a month since I last said anything. It’s been tough adjusting to school (which I haven’t been to in years), but the desire to train amiibo and write guides is slowly but surely coming back to me. Today, I have a new guide brought to you by Nickural, a member over at the forums. You could consider him our resident Duck Hunt expert, and with his help, the Amiibo Dojo has whipped up a brand-new guide update. It’s good to be back, guys.

If you’re up to the challenge of training this character, click here to read the new guide. Best of luck!


Now Available: Donkey Kong Guide 2.0

Hey guys! I’m back with yet another Amiibo Dojo First Anniversary Edition guide, this time on Donkey Kong! His guide wasn’t horribly outdated, per se, the problem was that it still implied that he was a bad character! Recent developments have determined Donkey Kong to be a pretty good amiibo, thanks to the efforts of a few specific trainers, and this new guide reflects this!

If you feel like expanding your knowledge of Donkey Kong’s amiibo, click here to read the new guide.

P.S. The amiibo tier list has been updated as well, so if you’re interested in seeing how characters are ranked, check that out too.

Now Available: Shulk Guide 2.0

Hey guys! I’m here with another Amiibo Dojo First Anniversary Edition guide, this time on Shulk! It’s been months and months since this guide has received an update – until now, it linked to several pages that actually don’t exist anymore! It was by far the worst guide on the site, and this week, I decided to change that. The new Shulk guide update, available now, drastically increases the page’s quality to be in line with the standard you have all come to expect.

You can read the newly-updated Shulk guide by clicking here.

This week, I’m making a point to update the most outdated guides on the site. There are several more I could potentially bring up to speed…but which one will come next? Only one way to find out – come back tomorrow!