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Amiibo Training Guide: Young Link (SSBU)

Welcome to the Young Link training guide! With the imminent release of his Smash amiibo figure (and the fact that I’ve finally managed to pull off a tournament win with it), I thought it would be a good time to write this up. Let’s get to it!

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amiibo Style Guide: Logical

Welcome! It’s time for the first entry in a long-requested series of guides: amiibo personality types. Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like I know everything about these – there’s still much to be discovered, which is why we’ve been rather quiet in terms of posts and updates. There are over fifteen styles available, and Logical is one that many Smash 4 veteran trainers get on their amiibo. We’re going to go over what this personality is, how its amiibo play, and how you can get it on your own amiibo. Let’s get started.

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Amiibo Nicknames: Lucas

Welcome to the first iteration of Amiibo Nicknames! This week’s character is Lucas, who appeared in Mother 3. Out of every fighter playable in Super Smash Bros., Lucas is perhaps the most obscure. Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan, and it appears Nintendo has no plans to release an official localization.

Most amiibo trainers haven’t played Mother 3 – as a result, they’ve given their Lucas amiibo nicknames that have nothing to do with his character or origins. It’s time to change that: I’m an avid EarthBound fan, and have played through each of its entries several times over. I’ve prepared a list of potential Lucas nicknames, pulled straight from Mother 3 – and each one includes context! Do note that there are spoilers inside.

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Reverse Feeding: New Amiibo Training Method

Note: Do not repost the full training method without direct permission from the Amiibo Dojo. It took a long time to develop it!

The way we’ve approached training amiibo has stayed the same for quite some time now. Even though our current methods are tried and true, I’m always testing new training methods behind-the-scenes. And now, I’ve cooked up a fresh concept after toying with it for several hours. It’s called Reverse Feeding, and it comes with a slew of never-before-seen benefits.

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