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Amiibo Training Guide: Pikachu (SSBU)

Welcome to our Pikachu amiibo training guide, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate edition! This is our first completed post for the new game. If you’re looking for tips on training your Pikachu amiibo, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started.

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Amiibo Training Guide: Mewtwo (SSB4)

Created from modified Mew DNA, Mewtwo was designed to be the ultimate Pokémon. It didn’t take on any of Mew’s kinder traits and only uses its intelligence to destroy its enemies. Or…so it seems. Perhaps it just feels frightened or even tormented, and that’s why it lashes out. Whatever the reason, Mewtwo is not to be messed with.
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Amiibo Training Guide: Pikachu (SSB4)

Pikachu has charmed fans and given a jolt to opponents for nearly 20 years—whether in the Pokémon TV series, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, or Pokémon video games, Pikachu has always been there as a stalwart companion for any Pokémon Trainer willing to take on the challenge of becoming the very best.
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Amiibo Training Guide: Jigglypuff (SSB4)

This Normal- and Fairy-type Pokémon is best known for its soothing singing, which can make foes fall asleep. The secret to the song’s effectiveness is Jigglypuff’s ability to sing on the wavelength that will make its opponent the sleepiest. It also uses Attract to infatuate foes of the opposite gender.
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