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Amiibo Training Guide: Ness (SSBU) (Preliminary)

Welcome to the first-ever preliminary Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo training guide! As you might expect, we’re starting with Ness, who is often seen as the mascot of the Amiibo Dojo. A lot has changed in this new chapter of amiibo training, and Ness was affected by these changes in a big way. Let’s take a look at the buffs and nerfs this character has received, and how to take Ultimate’s overhauled AI into account when training him. Continue reading Amiibo Training Guide: Ness (SSBU) (Preliminary)


The first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo tournament is over

Hey all, the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo tournament has concluded! So here’s the deal: this was a private tournament held between members of our Discord server. We had 31 participants, and the top four were Link, Ike, Isabelle, and… Isabelle. There were two Isabelle amiibo in the top four. From what we saw of the character, she is undoubtedly a top-tier (or at least high tier) contender in this developing metagame. It appears she has a poor matchup against Link, who can outrange her with his stronger projectiles.

Here are some more quick snippets that I’m going to be looking into over the next few days: aerials are better than in Smash 4, but grounded is still the winning playstyle; Ike, Kirby, and Pikachu are better than in the previous title, and Ness seems much weaker. The official tournament records spreadsheet has been updated with these results. Once we’ve got enough results, we can start making a preliminary tier list. And since it’s based off of tourney wins, it can’t really be contested once we put it out.

We’ll have lots more posts coming up in the next few days. Maybe you expected there to be a bit more than there are right now, but that’s because we still don’t know enough about the metagame to say anything definitively. We’ll post again when we can say something definitively. Until next time – thanks for reading!

Squad Strike amiibo Tournament (Entries Open)

We’ve got a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament approaching! We host our tournaments online, and if you don’t know how to participate in those, check out our guide. Here’s all the rules and details you’ll need to know.

  • Send in 3 amiibo for a Squad Strike tournament. All characters allowed.
  • Hosted on December 14th. Entries due the night before. Send .bin files to
  • Vanilla amiibo only! No spirits, equipment, or special effects.
  • Stages will be random Battlefield form.
  • No Final Smash Meter, Items, or Rage.
  • Double elimination rules.

The tournament will be streamed here. This is one of the first Smash Ultimate amiibo tournaments (and the first Squad Strike tourney), so be sure to enter! Please note that this isn’t an “official” Amiibo Dojo tournament: we’ll have one of those coming up really soon!

Train a powerful amiibo by doing absolutely nothing

Remember the custom stage in Smash 4 that caused amiibo to do absolutely nothing? Well here’s version 2.0 of that. When your amiibo is Level 1, turn its Learn button off. Then raise it to Level 50 via any means you want. Since it doesn’t learn, it will use the default AI, which is quite powerful and can even contend with some of our hand-trained amiibo. You can even train it in the background against a CPU! Give this a shot when you’ve got the time.

Amiibo Training Analysis: Updated AI

Welcome back! Today, we’re looking at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s overhauled AI. It’s drastically different from Smash 4, and in a good way. Each and every character is different, with minimal similarities from their previous incarnation. Those of you who wasted hours and hours in Smash 4 trying to get your amiibo to taunt are going to love what’s new in Ultimate!

Continue reading Amiibo Training Analysis: Updated AI