Cloud’s Forum Adventures Wiki: Imagina

Imagina is a form of the Dream World that appeared in Season 6A of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. It exists inside the minds of Cloud and Switch and takes different forms for each of them; it is implied that other characters can travel to Imagina as well, though this has not yet been demonstrated.

Cloud’s Imagina

In “Welcome to Your Mind”, Cloud is transported to his Imagina where an alternate version of himself serves as the guide. Cloud is informed of the Nightmare Legion and its threat to the world and resolves to collect all four pieces of the shattered Celestial Scepter. To gather these fragments, Cloud defeated four Nightmares – Lindol, Odium, Verlust, and Essence – and successfully rebuilt the Scepter.

Switch’s Imagina

Switch is known to have traveled to Imagina, as he obtained the Celestial Stars by defeating several Nightmares. His Nightmares, however, were different than Cloud’s, though their names are unknown. The power of the Celestial Stars were never fully shown, as Season 6A was cancelled before they could be utilized in a major battle.

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