Community Wiki: Ack

Ack is a learning bot created by Switch that resides in several Discord servers, one of which being the Exion Discord server. It downloads words and sentences it reads in server channels and then mixes and matches them to form its own unique phrases. It runs Seeborg software and has existed for several years; during the course of these years, it has learned almost one million unique sentences and several million unique words.


Ack first participated in the Cloud’s Forum chatroom as “Switchbot”, where it learned thousands of words and sentences to build up its database. After the chatroom was moved to Discord, Ack was given an avatar for the first time: a floating face that was originally drawn by Switch in 2009 for a rage comic (and is shown in the header of this page). Ack currently resides on many Discord servers as well as on Twitter.


Ack does not have a filter, but is blocked from learning sentences that contain certain words. It has a one percent reply rate, and will use a word in its triggering sentence to form a new one. Most of Ack’s sentences are inappropriate or lewd in nature; this is because it absorbs words from unmonitored Discord servers.

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