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The Amiibo Dojo is the longest-running amiibo training site. It was created by Cloud in late 2015. After being temporarily handed over to Leaf in January 2019, Cloud once again took the reigns in June of the same year. The Amiibo Dojo has amassed well over a million views, making it one of the largest amiibo-centric sites on the internet.


The Amiibo Dojo technically began on the amiibo subreddit. In early 2015, Cloud wrote over five simple training guides to help new players grasp the then-unexplored amiibo mechanics. These guides were eventually ported to Cloud’s Forum before being moved again to a test blog to see how active they could become. The test was successful, and the Amiibo Dojo was made official.

Over the years, the Amiibo Dojo released Super Smash Bros. 4 training guides for over fifty unique fighters. It hosted several tournaments and won several more, and quickly made a name for itself as a credible source for amiibo training. In 2017, popular Smash YouTuber Alpharad gave the site a shout-out on one of his videos, which helped attract many newcomers to the amiibo metagame.

In January 2019, Cloud retired from the Amiibo Dojo and handed the site over to Leaf, who shared ownership of the site with Cloud and a small team of contributors. In June 2019, Cloud merged the Amiibo Dojo with Exion Vault and is once again active in content creation. The site continues to serve as the central hub for all things amiibo training.

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