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Cloud (referred to as Doibs by community staff members) is the founder of the Exion Vault, the Exion Discord server, Cloud’s Forum, and the Amiibo Dojo. In the early Smash 4 amiibo metagame, he was considered one of the best trainers thanks to his numerous wins with Ness. Cloud is also the creator of the internet sensation Cloud’s Forum Adventures.


Cloud created the first iteration of Cloud’s Forum (then known as the Super Mario Bros. X Empire) in 2011 when he was twelve years old. Switch joined soon after, and the two worked together to establish and run what would eventually become the largest Super Mario Bros. X forum.

In 2013, Cloud made the decision to merge the Super Mario Bros. X Empire with the rivaling New Super Mario Bros. X Forums. This was widely regarded as a poor decision, as most of the users from the SMBX Empire were lost in the process. As a result, Cloud created a new ProBoards-hosted site and called it “Cloud’s New Forum”. The comic series Cloud’s Forum Adventures was soon created to attract more members.

Unfortunately, the High SMBX Council (a hacking group dedicated to taking down Super Mario Bros. X forums) was able to steal a CNF moderator’s password via a phishing scam; they then used the compromised account to delete all of the board’s content. Its posts, topics, and members were all lost forever; in response, Cloud deleted what was left of the forum.

The community then migrated to its original host and became Nintendoverse, a Nintendo-themed forum with a unique board style. It was able to recapture some of its old members, but the immense activity it had received in the past was never truly regained.

In late 2015, Cloud created the Amiibo Dojo as a testing site; he had posted amiibo training guides on the amiibo subreddit and wanted to try archiving them into a website. This endeavor turned out to be successful, and the Amiibo Dojo quickly made a name for itself as the largest and most credible amiibo training resource on the web. In 2019, Cloud gave Leaf administrator access on the Amiibo Dojo and created the Exion Vault before eventually merging the two sites in June 2019. A full list of Cloud’s tournament wins in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can be found below.

Tournament Wins: 23

Amiibo World Tournament 3 (Ness, SSB4) – Amiibo Skirmish 0 (Ganondorf, SSB4) – Amiibo Skirmish I (Little Mac, SSB4) – Clash of Champions I (Ness, SSB4) – Lucas Round Robin (Lucas, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 4 (Ness, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 16 (Pac-Man, SSB4) – Amiibrawl 25 (Ness, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. Doubles Tour (Kirby, SSB4) – Cloud Nine Flash Fight II (Ness, SSB4) – Cloud Nine Flash Fight III (Bowser, SSB4) – F.R.O.S.T. Championship – Pool D (Lucina, SSB4) – Bowser Round Robin (Bowser, SSB4) – Pisterd: Battle Royale (Kirby, SSB4) – DONkLE’s Testing Tournament (Mii Gunner, SSBU) – Kang’s Birthday Bash Spirits (Mii Gunner, SSBU) – Actually, what’s with that crack over there? (King K. Rool, SSBU) – Minor Circuit: 4 (Ness, SSBU) – Help Me Tournament (Ness, SSBU) – Clash of Chumps 4 (Ness, SSBU) – JWT Tournament #23 (Ness & King K. Rool, SSBU) – Amiibo Strike 3 (Ness, SSBU) – JMSF #6 (Ness & Ice Climbers, SSBU)

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