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Cloud’s Forum was the first iteration of the Exion Vault. It was first created on February 24, 2011 at 7:17 PM EST and are hosted by Forumotion. Since its creation, Cloud’s Forum has gone through several name changes and has attracted over 3,200 members as of June 2019.


Cloud’s Forum was first created for Super Mario Bros. X, a fangame that allowed players to create and share their own levels. Most of the site’s activity came from this iteration; hundreds of graphics and stages were posted over the course of several years. Cloud’s Forum, known then as the Super Mario Bros. X Empire, was the largest Super Mario Bros. X forum until 2013.

In 2013, the Super Mario Bros. X Empire merged with the rivaling New Super Mario Bros. X Forums to become SMBX Revived. This was widely regarded as a poor decision; most of the users from the SMBX Empire were lost in the process, resulting in most of SMBX Revived’s activity coming from NSMBX members.

Afterwards, the forums were recreated on a new ProBoards-hosted site. Its name was changed to “Cloud’s New Forum” (CNF for short) and became a general site with no central topic. The comic series Cloud’s Forum Adventures was created alongside Cloud’s New Forum to attract more members. It did not, in fact, attract any more members.

Unfortunately, the High SMBX Council (a hacking group dedicated to taking down Super Mario Bros. X forums) was able to steal a moderator’s password via a phishing scam and use the account to delete all of CNF’s content. Its posts, topics, and members were all permanently erased.

As a result, the forum was migrated back to its original Forumotion host and converted into Nintendoverse, a Nintendo-themed forum with a unique board style. It was able to recapture some of its old members, but the activity it received as a Super Mario Bros. X forum was never truly regained.

It has since been converted back into Cloud’s Forum and has been inactive since then. All community interaction takes place in the Exion Discord server, and thus does not have a need for a message board. Cloud’s Forum now serves as a read-only archive of over five years’ worth of posts.

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