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Megar is a member of the community who first joined Cloud’s Forum in early 2014. Soon after arriving, he became a moderator and was later promoted to administrator. Megar has gone by several different usernames; these include Blue, GARYOAK, Skyspark, and Megasparker, among others. Loves Fire Emblem, but hates Fire Emblem Fates. Plays as Ganondorf, Wolf, and Chrom in the Super Smash Bros. games.


Megar joined the forums in their second iteration (Cloud’s New Forum) after they were merged with NSMBX into SMBX Revived. He was one of the site’s most active members, and was soon promoted to moderator before being promoted again to administrator. Megar was associated with (but not an active member of) the High SMBX Council, a hacking group that attacked Super Mario Bros. X-centric forums. One of its members went rogue and, without Megar’s permission, illegally obtained the password of one of the forum’s moderators and logged into the account to delete all of the site’s content.

Megar later became a co-writer of Cloud’s Forum Adventures. He helped polish up Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, and both iterations of Season 6. In particular, he wrote certain characters’ dialogue to help break up verbal repetition; most notably, he wrote lines for the character Megar.

Many of the community’s inside jokes were spawned from Megar’s Cloud’s Forum Adventures character; however, he disapproves of them and specifically dislikes Swole Megar. In compliance with this opinion, Swole Megar has not been featured in any canon episodes.

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