I think I know why you’re here – you probably have a specific character in mind who you want to train. If that’s the case, great! Instead of just creating a plain, boring list of links, I’ve set up a Super Smash Bros. styled roster so you can navigate in style! Click on the icon of the character you want to train to be redirected to their guide. By the way, if you notice that you can’t click on the fighter you want to train, it means I haven’t released a guide on them just yet.

MarioLuigiPeachBowserYoshiRosalina & LumaBowser Jr.WarioMr. Game & WatchDonkey KongDiddy KongLinkZeldaSheikGanondorfToon LinkSamusZero Suit SamusPitPalutenamarthikeRobinKirbyKing DededeMeta KnightLittle MacFoxFalcoPikachuCharizardLucarioJigglypuffGreninjaDuck HuntR.O.B.NessCaptain FalconVillagerOlimarWii Fit TrainerDr. MarioDark PitLucinaShulkPAC-MANMega ManSonicMewtwoLucasRoyRyu

Maybe you’re not here for one single character, though. Maybe you’re just perusing through my content in hopes of finding something interesting. There are a few guides of mine that aren’t character-specific. The links to those are below!

  • The Ultimate Amiibo Newbie’s Guide. This guide goes over key concepts and information regarding amiibo training. A recommended reading for those of you who are not experienced trainers.
  • Guide to Feeding your Amiibo. Hence its name, this guide goes over all things equipment. How to feed it, the limits of stat points, good bonus effect setups for your amiibo, and in-depth explanations on what each bonus does.
  • Using Ganondorf CPUs to train your Amiibo. A relatively short training guide that tells you how you can use Ganondorf CPUs to raise your amiibo from Level 1 to Level 50. Recommended for people who want to train but are on a crunch for time.
  • Post-Level 50 Training Guide. Shows you all sorts of ways to improve your amiibo after it reaches Level 50. It also explains how an amiibo changes after reaching the big five-o.

Have any questions? You can email me at, use the contact form, or create a new thread on the Amiibo Dojo forums.



24 thoughts on “Guides”

      1. I realize you are probably still busy, but I’ve been trying to help my Game and watch use oil panic. I realized that the first draft most likely has a glitch in its AI for that as I’ve demonstrated many times on how to absorb and punish. It has been able to absorb very well, but it will never use oil panic as a punish move…


    1. So Cloud can you do a guide about peach because my Peach is really good and i’m interested to see your opinion of training your peach.


    1. I would, but I don’t have a Palutena! I can’t really make a guide on an amiibo without having them – I want my guides to be as accurate as possible.


    1. I sure will. I’ll be making a guide on everyone at some point (at this point the only amiibo I don’t have are Mega Man, Charizard, and Duck Hunt), it’s just a matter of which ones I do first.


  1. Could you make a Diddy Kong guide? I have learned some interesting things in his AI and I would like to know how to use them to his advantage


  2. When will the sheik guide be out. My friend and I are having an amiibo tournament for our YouTube channel and I want to know how to train sheik to be her very best


  3. You’re guys have been very helpful with your guides on how to train amiibos. Recently I’ve just hit a wall on how to make my level 50 amiibos better or keep them in top shape. (And waiting on that sheik guide 😉 ) What do you do to keep your amiibos in top condition after 50?


  4. For link how do you get him to use jump attack (run+a) One of my favorite moves but it seems he can’t learn it, no matter how many times I reset it and spam it……


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