How I trained my amiibo

Welcome! If you’re a regular here at the Amiibo Dojo, you probably know that I train all of my amiibo to play defense. I don’t do aggressive play, and I don’t do passive play, period. “Then what’s the point of this post”, you ask? Well, I’m an equipment trainer, and I’m sure many of you are as well, so I thought I’d create a page where I showcase my amiibo and their stats, bonuses, nicknames, and custom moves. I’ve created a spreadsheet below where you can view this information.

So, here’s some info about the spreadsheet itself. It’s a list containing the name of each character. If the name of a character is blue and underlined, it means you can click it to see an image of their status screen (this is where you’ll find their stats, bonuses, and custom moves, by the way). Oh, and if you see an * next to an amiibo’s name, it means they’ve won one or more tournaments.

Note: The actual document is too large to fully embed here. If you’d like to view the document directly, click here. 

Tournament Placements


  • 1/10/16: Amiibo World Tournament III – Ness (1st place)
  • 4/26/16: Amiibo Skirmish 0 – Ganondorf (1st place)
  • 4/29/16: Amiibomania I – Bowser (3rd place)
  • 5/4/16: Amiibo Skirmish I – Little Mac (1st place)
  • 5/5/16: Amiibomania IIBowser (2nd place)
  • 5/14/15: Clash of Champions 0 – King Dedede (2nd place)
  • 5/27/16: Amiibo All-Stars Championships II – Mario (4th place)
  • 6/1/16: Clash of Champions I – Ness (1st place)
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