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Amiibo training might start out simple, but it quickly becomes rather complicated. Naturally, there will be many questions to ask – if yours isn’t on this list, join our Discord server to receive a more specific answer.

Amiibo automatically receive a 1.5x boost to their Attack and Defense. Is there a way to cancel these effects?

Compared to a regular CPU fighter, a Level 50 amiibo’s Attack and Defense are about fifty percent stronger (even without equipment). If you want to cancel the effects of these boosts, give your amiibo -50 Attack, -50 Defense, and 0 Speed.

Can I teach my Ganondorf amiibo to Ganoncide?

Ganondorf can commit “Ganoncide” by grabbing a midair opponent with Flame Choke, after which both fighters will descend to the bottom blast line. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to teach an amiibo to KO itself on purpose, and Ganondorf is no exception. That being said, it is possible for a Ganondorf amiibo to Ganoncide by accident.

Can I teach my amiibo to taunt?

Prior to reaching Level 50, an amiibo will occasionally taunt after KOing an opponent. By the time it hits Level 50, however, it will stop taunting, and there is no known method of reintroducing the habit. Simply put, it is impossible to teach an amiibo to taunt once it reaches Level 50. The sole exception is the Luigi amiibo, who will use its down taunt as an edgeguard.

Can I train amiibo on Nintendo 3DS?

Yes. If you are using a Nintendo 2DS, a Nintendo 2DS XL, a Nintendo 3DS, or a Nintendo 3DS XL, you will need to purchase the NFC Reader / Writer accessory. If you are using a New Nintendo 2DS XL, a New Nintendo 3DS, or a New Nintendo 3DS XL, you will need to press the ZR button before tapping your amiibo to the system’s bottom screen.

Can an amiibo learn combos?

Yes, an amiibo can learn combos, but not the kind you might be thinking of. If you’re hoping to teach your amiibo an awesome combo you saw on YouTube… you’re out of luck, because it’s not going to happen. Amiibo only learn simple combos that have been explicitly programmed into their AI: for example, a Ness amiibo can learn to follow up its down throw with two forward aerials. You can read more about this here.

Can Kirby: Planet Robobot amiibo be used in Super Smash Bros.?

Yes. Kirby series Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede amiibo function identically to their Super Smash Bros. series counterparts.

Do I have to be good at Super Smash Bros. to train a good amiibo?

The amiibo metagame is very different from the Super Smash Bros. tournaments you might watch on Twitch or YouTube. There is no stage control, no neutral game, and no mindgames. You do not need to be good at the game to train a powerful amiibo.

How can I get more equipment pieces and custom moves for my amiibo?

For more information, please read our equipment farming guide. It’s at the very bottom of the amiibo equipment guide.

How can I make my amiibo more aggressive?

Aggressive amiibo perform poorly in tournaments, so this playstyle is not recommended. That being said, if you aren’t into the competitive scene and would rather raise an effective training partner, aggressive training is fine. To make your amiibo more aggressive, try playing with the Timer item switched to high frequency. When your amiibo is under the effects of the Timer, strike with as many consecutive attacks as possible.

How do I get my amiibo to stop spamming a move?

Attack your amiibo whenever it uses a move you don’t want it to learn. If possible, try to interrupt the attack’s animation. You can also set your amiibo’s handicap to 300% so that you can more easily KO it.

How do I stop my amiibo from randomly jumping around?

Do not jump in any matches you play against your amiibo. When recovering, don’t even double jump: only use your up special. You can also counter your amiibo with an up smash whenever it jumps.

How many amiibo tournaments have been held so far?

There have been well over 300 amiibo tournaments – most of which have been held online. For more information on entering online tournaments, follow this link.

My amiibo isn’t performing well. Should I reset it?

Resetting an amiibo is not recommended. In doing so, you lose all of your amiibo’s valuable match experience. Even so, if your amiibo is truly beyond your help, resetting it may be the best option.

Once I feed my amiibo equipment, can I remove it?

No. The only way to legitimately remove an amiibo’s equipment is to reset it. If you want to revert an equipped amiibo to vanilla, you can overwrite its three bonus effects with useless ones: Heal while crouching, Chance of lucky Sudden Death, and Power up after eating are a few examples.

Should I play short matches or long matches against my amiibo?

The duration of the matches you play against your amiibo does not necessarily influence how much it learns. Play any length of match you please – the “norm” is three- to five-minute games.

What are the most common rules in amiibo tournaments, and how can I join one?

There are many specific rules and limitations present in online amiibo tournaments, so it’s important that you carefully read them. Check the online tournaments page for more information.

What do Speed points do on an amiibo?

Increasing your amiibo’s Speed stat boosts its ground mobility, air mobility, and jump height. Additional Speed investment does not increase an amiibo’s reaction time.

What happened to the “braindead amiibo” stage?

A few years ago, a certain YouTube channel posted a video about a custom stage that would trick both amiibo and CPU characters into standing completely still. Afterward, other YouTube Channels created videos arguing that amiibo training was “pointless”, as this custom stage was apparently the “best” way to train an amiibo. Of course, this turned out to be completely false. In version 1.1.3 of Super Smash Bros., the effects of this custom stage were patched out and stopped working (thank goodness).

What is the best amiibo?

This is a tough question to answer. Technically, the best amiibo is Little Mac. With as little as forty points in Attack, one of his forward smashes can break a full shield. However, the community has placed strict limitations on the character, and Little Mac amiibo are no longer permitted to invest into Attack at all. The next best character is technically Cloud – with full investment into Attack, one of his forward smashes can break a full shield as well. Once again, the community placed strict limitations on the character to prevent that from happening. That leaves Marth and Lucina as the current champions of the metagame – between their side specials and Counter moves, they are very difficult to consistently defeat.

What is the worst amiibo?

This is a heavily debated topic within the community, but the general consensus is that the worst amiibo is either R.O.B. or Mega Man. In R.O.B.’s case, the amiibo suffers from heavily flawed AI and a slow moveset. In Mega Man’s case, none of his moves are suited for close combat, and the amiibo’s AI refuses to camp.

Why does my amiibo keep spamming up smash and how do I stop it?

An amiibo will spam its up smash if you use too many aerial attacks against it. Stop using aerials, and this tendency will eventually disappear in full.

Why should I mirror match my amiibo regularly?

Mirror matches help improve your amiibo’s knowledge of its own moveset. No matter which character you’re training, you should mirror match it regularly – even after Level 50.

This archive is updated regularly with new questions and answers, so check back often. If you’d like to submit a question for use on this page, take a moment to fill out the contact form. Thanks for reading!

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