Training Amiibo to Fight Human Players

It’s been over three years since amiibo training was first introduced to the Super Smash Bros. series. Since then, the community has nailed competitive amiibo training down to a science. No aerials. No combos. No gimping. These are the metagame’s most important rules, and none of them sit well with casual trainers.

Here at the Amiibo Dojo, we are often asked: “if ZeRo were to train an amiibo, how good would it be”? The answer is: not particularly. Unfortunately, amiibo cannot learn to act as human players do. Of course, we all know they can’t string together complex combos, but they also can’t taunt or play mindgames. That being said, if you’re training an amiibo for personal use, and not to use in competitive play, aerials and gimps are fine – just don’t expect an opponent on the level of a skilled human player. Ultimately, if you want to practice against a worthy foe, you should do so against a human. Amiibo are AI, and will always act differently.


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