Post-Level 50 Training (SSB4)

After your amiibo reaches Level 50, its training becomes a bit more involved. Proper defense, counterattacking, and matchup experience are important to your amiibo’s success, but playing mirror matches against it is even more important. In order to succeed in a tournament setting, your amiibo must know how to best utilize its own moveset and mechanics.

Mirror Matches

As your amiibo’s knowledge of other fighters grows, its grasp on its own moveset slowly fades away. In other words, your amiibo’s fighting skills will wear down over time. Match experience is great, but too much of it at once is a bad thing. Mirror matching your amiibo between battles against other characters is a great way to refresh its skills while retaining its previous experience. Each of our character guides provides a list of specific attacks to teach your amiibo: during post-Level 50 mirror matches, be sure to highlight those.

Matchup Experience

It’s a great idea to expose your amiibo to common fighters that it one day might face in a tourney. Characters such as Marth, Bowser, and Link rule the metagame, and are forces to be reckoned with. After a couple of matches against them, refresh your amiibo’s skills with several consecutive mirror matches.

Back to Square One

At some point, your amiibo may start to regress. There’s a last-resort fix to this, and it’s called Square One. Basically, this trick involves using an Amiibo Powersaves on a Level 50 amiibo to reset its level to 1 – don’t worry, all of its match experience will remain intact. From there, all you have to do is mirror match your amiibo until around Level 15, and then you can use Powersaves once again to revert it back to Level 50. As a result of this special training, your amiibo will more closely mimic the behavior you exhibited during the mirror matches.

You might be wondering where the rest of the guide is – but really, this is all there is to it. Rotating mirror matches and character matchups is pretty much what you do after your amiibo reaches Level 50. In any case, there are several additional resources available to you here: the FAQ contains answers to common questions, while the Mechanics & Metagame guide aims to introduce you to the world of online competitions. Other helpful resources include the equipment guide and the Amiibo Training Analysis archive.

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