Amiibo Tier List (SSB4)

Welcome to the official amiibo tier list! This list is based solely on tournament results. The higher an amiibo is ranked, the more success it has seen in competitive play. Please note that this tier list represents the equipment metagame. If you want to learn more about the amiibo metagame and its unique properties, read the full introduction guide.

Last Updated – 4/25/2018

To those unfamiliar with amiibo training, this tier list probably looks…wrong. Diddy Kong is a weak character? Ganondorf and Bowser are top tier? As you can see, when AI controls characters instead of human players, the Super Smash Bros. tier list drastically changes. If your interest is piqued, plan your road to victory with one of our character guides. If you have any questions before getting started, find your answers in the amiibo training FAQ.

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