Amiibo Tier List (SSB4)

Welcome to the official amiibo tier list! There are two lists here, and both are based on tournament results. The higher a character is ranked, the more success it has seen in competitive play. If you want to learn more about the amiibo metagame and its unique properties, please read the full introduction guide.

Tier List (Equipment) – Updated 7/22/2018

Most (if not all) amiibo tournaments allow and encourage equipment. With equipment, Cloud and Little Mac reign supreme – however, the community has placed restrictions on these characters – Cloud cannot have more than sixty points in Attack and no more than one Attack-boosting bonus effect, and Little Mac cannot have any Attack investment whatsoever. This tier list accounts for both of these restrictions.

Tier List (Vanilla) – Updated 9/20/2018

Amiibo without equipment are referred to as “vanilla”. Unfortunately, there is no vanilla amiibo metagame. Without equipment, matches take a long time (quite frankly, they are boring to watch). Ness becomes by far and away the strongest character: in the equipment metagame, the Improved escapability bonus is standard, which essentially removes Ness’ back throw as a kill move. You can probably tell where this is going: without the presence of Improved escapability, Ness is free to KO with his back throw, and this boon sends him straight to the top.

To those unfamiliar with amiibo training, these tier lists might look… wrong. As you can see, when AI controls characters instead of human players, the Super Smash Bros. tier list drastically changes. If your interest is piqued, map out your road to victory with one of our character guides. And if you have any questions before getting started, find your answers in the amiibo training FAQ.

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