Here at the Amiibo Dojo, we try very hard to ensure the validity and veracity of our content. Sure, a spiffy presentation might make our information look credible – but we want to include just a bit more context to erase any potential doubts. Our amiibo training guides are written by an experienced team of trainers; each author’s contributions are backed by documented tournament wins. A complete list of each of these competitions is provided below. Where possible, links to brackets are included.

Tournament Wins (Cloud)

Tournament Wins (Leaf)

Tournament Wins (MiDe)

  • December 2018: FS Soul Melter – Link (Spirits)
  • December 2018: Amiibo Action 2.5 – Lucina (Vanilla)
  • February 2019: AmiiBrawl 29 – Lucina (Vanilla)
  • March 2019: Flash Kick 2 – Gunner (Vanilla)

Special Thanks

Many others have contributed to the guides and other information on this site: FarmingSim, Omega, Penguhr, DONkLE, Nozomu, Splice, and many more have all collectively helped this community and this site in more ways than one.


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