Tournament Sponsorship (SSBU)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has brought about the resurgence of amiibo training, so from here on out, tournaments are going to be more common than ever before. If you plan on hosting one of these competitions yourself, it’s important to get the word out to all the right people. The Amiibo Dojo now offers tournament sponsorship, a free program that will help you advertise your event to our viewers.

So here’s the deal: shoot us a message with all of the following criteria met, and we’ll post a message on our front page shouting out your tournament and encouraging trainers to enter (if applicable). We’ll even link a Twitch or YouTube channel. And if you can provide a full bracket and video proof of the tourney’s results (via a stream or recording), we’ll add its data to our official character matchup chart. In exchange, we ask that you include a link to the Amiibo Dojo within the stream itself or its description (if applicable). Hence the term sponsorship, right? Although, in this case, we’re offering activity sponsorship, not financial sponsorship.

We’ll need your username, email address, the tournament’s rules, and its start date. If you’d like us to include a link to your YouTube or Twitch channel, you can include that too. If your event is being hosted online, please include the due date for entries as well as the email address to send to. And if you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns, you can add those as well!

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