Super Mario Odyssey Guides

Super Mario Odyssey was released in October 2017 to widespread critical acclaim. Critics and players alike fell in love with its lively world, fresh ideas, and massive scope. There’s a lot of content in Super Mario Odyssey, and every bit of it is well worth your time. With the help of Cloud Nine’s guides, you’ll be able to easily achieve 100% completion. And a game as great as Super Mario Odyssey deserves to be fully explored.

Power Moons

  • Cap Kingdom (Bonneton)
  • Cascade Kingdom (Fossil Falls)
  • Sand Kingdom (Tostarena) (Coming Soon!)
  • Lake Kingdom (Lake Lamode) (Coming Soon!)
  • Wooded Kingdom (Steam Gardens) (Coming Soon!)
  • Cloud Kingdom (Nimbus Arena) (Coming Soon!)
  • Lost Kingdom (Forgotten Isle) (Coming Soon!)
  • Metro Kingdom (New Donk City) (Coming Soon!)
  • Snow Kingdom (Shiveria) (Coming Soon!)
  • Seaside Kingdom (Bubblaine) (Coming Soon!)
  • Luncheon Kingdom (Mount Volbono) (Coming Soon!)
  • Ruined Kingdom (Crumbleden) (Coming Soon!)
  • Bowser’s Kingdom (Bowser’s Castle) (Coming Soon!)
  • Moon Kingdom (Honeylune Ridge) (Coming Soon!)
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Peach’s Castle) (Coming Soon!)
  • Dark Side (Rabbit Ridge) (Coming Soon!)
  • Darker Side (Culmina Crater) (Coming Soon!)


  • Regional Coins (Coming Soon!)
  • Outfits & Costumes (Coming Soon!)
  • Coin Farming (Coming Soon!)
  • Amiibo Support (Coming Soon!)
  • 100% Completion Checklist (Coming Soon!)



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